Expressway Cottages
Prepared “portrait” of the best-selling new construction

The specialists of “Miel-New” projects analyzed, showing in this year the highest growth in sales and ranked the factors that ensure a high rate of implementation of the object of the market buildings, taking into account today realiy. Opredelyayuschim for the decision to purchase is still the price factor. In the early spring of 2010 is still the trend in 2009 – the rate of sales for the Moscow Region is higher than in Moscow, at a ratio of 60% and 40%, respectively. Therefore, in the first place among the parameters that promote the sale of the object is balanced price politika.Na second place among the factors driving demand, – compliance with the construction schedule. If during the crisis potential buyers of new buildings considered objects solely on the highest stage of readiness, from the beginning of 2010 witnessed an increase in demand and under construction. At the same time in the purchasing decision affects the activity of construction, reliability and reputation zastroyschika. Udobnoe location is the third factor in determining the success of the project. Among suburban projects have the greatest demand on the facilities in the near zone to Moscow – to 3 kilometers from Moscow, with well-developed transport soobscheniem. Segodnya buyers pay more attention to the sales scheme, which sold the apartment. Are the most trusted projects implemented under the agreement the equity on which the Federal Law 214 established safeguards for the participants of shared construction of dishonest zastroyschikov. Takzhe important factor when choosing a facility is the ability to attract the mortgage, the availability of the draft special mortgage programs. It is worth noting that today, banks lend objects, stage of readiness of not less than 80%. Among the characteristics of the project at its convenience and attractiveness affect a variety of planning decisions. One of the innovations now under construction projects is the availability of apartments is both free and a model of planning.